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A unique UK and Ireland comparative policy research and knowledge exchange initiative that changes and improves how governments and academics work together in and across the nations to solve policy challenges. 


We create the space, we share ideas and insight, and we help policymakers focus on evidence-informed solutions. All our work is UK and Ireland by design, supporting policymakers and researchers across the nations to develop relationships, respect and knowledge.


We are inclusive, innovative and responsive. We are forever curious, connected and collaborative in all our work, independent and non-partisan, and committed to excellence, impact and being ambitious for all citizens across the nations of the UK and Ireland. Our focus and way of working makes us unique:

  1. Space: We create and maintain neutral but constructive spaces for policy professionals and academics across the nations to develop relationships, respect and knowledge.
  2. Sharing: We develop and support a common culture of sharing and developing insight, knowledge, ideas and context from across the nations in a comparative and collaborative way.
  3. Solutions: We help governments focus on evidence-informed policy solutions for citizens and communities across the nations, informed by comparative and collaborative research and methods.

Our funder

The Open University has been awarded £1m in funding from Dangoor Education to establish and run PolicyWISE. The funding has supported the launch of PolicyWISE in 2023 and our development over the following four years.

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We have a uniquely designed training programme, aiming to support policy engagement. This training is delivered by the PolicyWISE team and supports engagement across all nations of the UK.